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Garrett Zoning Map

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Click Here for Street and Block Zoning Map List

Click on the Block-Number Range that corresponds with the street address for which you want to check zoning. You will then link to the proper aerial Map. For more information regarding the Garrett Zoning Map please contact the City of Garrett Planning Department:

The City of Garrett, Indiana Zoning Map is hereby established per the requirements of the IC 36-7-4-600 Series.

This is to certify that this is the official Zoning Map of the City of Garrett, Indiana.

The replacement Garrett Zoning Map was adopted by the Garrett Common Council on September 16, 2008, per Ordinance # 2008-10. The adoption notice for the replacement map is at this link:

Adoption Notice – 2008 Replacement Garrett Zoning Map 

Amendments – Amendments to the 2008 Replacement Zoning Map are as follows:
2009 Amendment
2010 Amendment 
2011 Amendment


Garrett Zoning Ordinance – Table of Permitted Uses

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