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Fire Department

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Doug Castator

Fire Chief

Phone: 260-357-6670

Fax: 260-357-4159

The City of Garrett Fire Department serves the Citizens of Garrett, Town of Altona, and Keyser Township. The Garrett Fire Department was established in 1879 in Garrett Indiana. The fire department operates with a staff of 32 active volunteers, 3 Engines, 1 Rescue, 1 Tender, 1 Grass rig, 1 UTV and 2 Command vehicles. The fire department responds to approximately 650 calls per year which includes: fires, alarms, field fires, auto accidents, industrial accidents, haz-mat spills, carbon monoxide alarms and other emergency situations. The Garrett Fire Department also assists Parkview EMS.

The Fire Chief is elected from among the firefighters and is confirmed by the Mayor. The current Garrett Fire Chief is Doug Castator.

Interested in joining our Fire Deparement?

Click Here for the handout and Here for the application

Click Here for the Address Sign Application

Click Here for the Smoke Detector Installation Form

Click Here for info on Fireworks Safety

Click Here for info regarding the Burn Ordinance

City of Garrett
Fire Department
200 North Cowen St.
Garrett, IN 46738

Non-emergency calls:
Fax #: 260-357-4159

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