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Development Plan Application

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Budget Information Sheet

The budget is an estimated amount of your electric, water, sewer and trash from the previous year. The amount you pay would be the same every month.


The budget starts JUNE 1st and ends APRIL 30th.   May is the “settle up” month.  If the city owes you money due to over payment, you will receive it in a lump sum by check.  If you owe the city, this would reflect on your May bill.


To be considered for the budget, the following are required…

-MUST have a zero balance on or before April 16th.

-MUST have been at your current address for at least a year.

-MUST NEVER be late paying utility payment while on budget. This would result in the customer being taken off budget.

-All paper work regarding budget Must be turned in no later than May 16th.


Please see Customer Service/Cashier office (room #10) for further details or call 260-357-5211.

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