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City Codes, Zoning, & Permits

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CITY CODES CITY OF GARRETT, INDIANA CODE OF ORDINANCES 2010 S-13 Supplement contains: State legislation through 2009 ALS #7 and Local legislation current through Ordinance 2010-07, passed 4-6-10 AMERICAN LEGAL PUBLISHING CORPORATION 432 Walnut Street Cincinnati, Ohio 45202-3909 (800) 445-5588 NOTE: This Code is subject to amendment periodically as permitted by the Indiana Code. Such amendments may not be immediately posted to this site. For the latest print edition of the Garrett City Code of Ordinances, please direct inquiries to the City of Garrett Clerk Treasurer. This page has been converted to HTML code for web-posting, and is maintained by, the City of Garrett, Indiana Planning Department. This Code is offered online as a public service, and is copyrighted 2000 – 2009, by the City of Garrett, Indiana and is copyrighted 2000-2009, by the City of Garrett, Indiana.

TITLE 1: GENERAL PROVISIONS Section 10.01 Title of code 10.02 Interpretation 10.03 Application to future ordinances 10.04 Captions 10.05 Definitions 10.06 Rules of interpretation 10.07 Severability 10.08 Reference to other sections 10.09 Reference to offices 10.10 Errors and omissions 10.11 Official time 10.12 Reasonable time 10.13 Ordinances repealed 10.14 Effective date of ordinances 10.15 Certain ordinances not affected by code 10.16 Repeal or modification of ordinance 10.17 Ordinances which amend or supplement code 10.18 Unauthorized alterations or tampering with code 10.19 Section histories; statutory references 10.99 General penalty § 10.01 TITLE OF CODE. This codification of ordinances by and for the City of Garrett shall be designated as the Code of Garrett and may be so cited. § 10.02 INTERPRETATION. Unless otherwise provided herein, or by law or implication required, the same rules of construction, definition and application shall govern the interpretation of this code as those governing the interpretation of state law. § 10.03 APPLICATION TO FUTURE ORDINANCES. All provisions of Title I compatible with future legislation, shall apply to ordinances hereafter adopted amending or supplementing this code unless otherwise specifically provided.

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