2013 State of The City, presented annually at the Garrett Chamber of Commerce Dinner.

Thank you, Ladies and gentlemen, I am here tonight to tell you that the state of our beloved city is strong. We all share a common interest in what happens in and around our city. From the workings of our local government, our schools, the Chamber of Commerce, and other community organizations there is a vital connection between how well we work together and the end result of our efforts.

Working with the DeKalb County Economic Development Partnership, led by Director Ken McCrory, has been a priority of mine to see that our city does everything possible to retain our existing businesses, attract new business, and encourage networking and expansion. In the past the following activities and events that have been instrumental to economic development in our community include
1. After 90+ years in Garrett, Mossberg Industries experienced a change in ownership. With the City's assistance, the new owners decided to remain and expand resulting in a $2,650,000 investment with five new jobs pledged and the retention of 50 existing jobs.
2. B & C Industries choose Garrett to expand their growing business. Located on Fuller Drive, B&C is an industrial distributor for casters and other material handling equipment such conveyors and lifts. Their Investment was approximately $390,000 with the addition of eight new jobs.
3. TFC Canopy on Taylor Road has experienced a 30 percent growth and its engineers are working hard to meet the needs of its growing business.
4. Great things are coming to Garrett; I have been intimately involved in a "Yet to be announced multi-phased expansion." Of a Garrett Industry, Phase One is underway and when completed, the total investment is approximately $450,000 with ten new jobs.

In order to meet the needs of our industry, Mr. McCrory and I meet with local companies, this year we have met with
1. Visited and toured Group Dekko's corporate offices.
2. Visited and toured TFC Canopy
3. Visited and toured IKG
4. Visited and toured Tri-State Bolt
5. Involved with Momentive as a member as a member of their Citizen Advisory Panel (CAP)

In DeKalb County, Garrett is one of only three "Certified Site Ready" and "Indiana Shovel Ready".

This past fall, many of us here attended the Northeast Indiana Regional Economic Development Forum. There is a panel of business leaders shared with us that local industry is in need of technical talent as well as soft talent such as; a positive attitude & Strong work ethic. Encouraging vocational and trade education is needed in our industry.

Decision Making
I would like to offer a word of encouragement to our Board of Public works and safety and common council members; we are almost through the tough decisions to move our city forward. "We are one team", with this attitude, we will provide our growing community with the very best municipal services.

Several major projects have been completed this past year; these new developments enhance our economy and help bring prosperity to our city. Our City Planner reports a total Value of Improvements from April2012 to April 2013 equal 4.5 million dollars. These numbers are very encouraging.

A community is about more than just economic growth. It is also about giving people pride in their city. Generations have called Garrett home since it was founded in 1875. There is so much to be proud of in our city, our schools both public and private, provide our children with a strong foundation to become successful adults, to contribute to society, both at home and across the nation. Our faith community keeps our city strong and brings us together in good times and bad. Garrett is blessed to have a strong volunteer spirit. We have many organizations that support youth, non-profits, and a number of local events. This spirit was relevant in our first Veteran's Day Parade on November 11th beginning at the Garrett American Legion and ending at the Veterans of Foreign War. I would like to thank both organizations and all that participated in the parade.

I would like to mention our city employees, who add so much to our city. Our Electric, Water-Sewer, Wastewater, Streets & Parks departments have carried this city on their broad shoulders - finding new and creative ways to serve our city with ever dwindling resources. They work diligently day in and day out to bring steady services to our community.

Recent Projects;
Our city departments have worked on many projects over the past year. In the Garrett Electric Department, they continue to work on maintenance and projects within our city and industry. The completion of the SR 8 project, and adding street lights on North and South Randolph were completed this past summer. In November during Super Storm Sandy, 3 highly trained Garrett linemen were called to offer mutual aid to utilities in Ohio and New Jersey. We are very proud of the work they did to assist out east.

Our water- Sewer Department continues with Maintenance, this past year they have
· Cleaned 53,730-feet of sewers (10.2 miles or about 45% of the sanitary sewers in Garrett)
· Televised 13,261- feet of sewers (2.5 miles or about 11% of the sanitary sewers in Garrett)
· Inspected 95 manholes (about 11% of the total)
· Repaired 41 Manholes at a cost of $90,000

In our Wastewater Facility
· We have initiated and completed the design for improvements to the treatment units that will allow the plant to treat a maximum flow of 6.5 million gallons per day (this was based on the plant's existing capacity and the worst case situation predicted for flow at the Sanitary Sewer Overflow or SSO). This expanded capability will meet the secondary treatment requirements of the federal clean water act and allow the SSO to be completely eliminated. The construction permit for this project has been applied for (issued by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management) and should be received any day.
· The Guaranteed Savings Program procurement procedure is being used for this project. This allowed the design engineer to reduce costs while still meeting the desired objectives of the project.

In our Streets & Parks Department
Our "Garrett's Growing Green" initiative is coming full circle, with our drive through Marv A. Hall Recycle Center open 3 times a week, 24 hour drop off recycling, and the recent addition of subscription curb side recycling – we are truly growing green. And as promised – tomorrow from 7- noon, we will be accepting electronic recycling at our clean-up day. These are services our public has asked for and we have provided.

Our parks will soon be busy with ball games and soon to follow the 2013 pool season. Last summer Adventure Homes designed, built and donated a beautiful new concession stand. With the addition of teen swim, extended hours and advertising, our pool had a successful year.

The Wyatt Foundation awarded our parks department with a grant that will provide benches in the city hall court yard and flowers and ornamental grasses in our parks. I am also very proud of our departments that have taken on special projects, by assisting with community partners in the Junior Achievement Bowl-a-Thon and the United Way Day of Caring.

Next Month Our Fire and Police Department will be raising money for Alliance Industries Inc. at the DeKalb County Horseman Association Benefit by participating in a Fire VS Police softball game.

As Garrett continues to grow, one key belief hold firm: safety first. The city makes safety a priority all day, every day, and we believe safety is everyone's responsibly, whether you're a resident, businessmen, or a member of the police or fire department,

Our number one goal is to provide a safe environment for everyone. Our police department is at full staff and has an incredible sense of pride in serving you, and our community.

The Garrett Fire Department continues to amaze me with their response times and dedication to safety and rescue. They continue to provide protection to Garrett, Altona and Keyser Township. This past year our city council & the Keyser township advisory board worked together with our city attorney Dan Brinkerhoff to approve and pass a fire territory for Keyser Township. When passed it will bring much needed revenue and allow our fire department to grow and continue to meet the needs of our community.

In closing I would like to encourage everyone to visit the city's website and or like our Facebook page, both offer insightful information to our greater Garrett community. Together with our local paper, we can reach out to share the happenings of our local government and services.

As you can see Garrett is growing, The Creation of Countryside Estates annexation, The Garrett Public Library Expansion project and the expansion of our Wastewater Treatment plant, we are planning for our growth, It has been a goal of mine to welcome new residents by sharing information and hospitality Garrett style, to our new neighbors.

Soon all Chamber Business will be invited to share in a welcome to Garrett gift bag at city hall. I hope you all participate and receive terrific feedback.

I would like to thank you for helping us shape our city.

On behalf of our board of public works and safety members and city council, I thank you for helping us shape our city and for this incredible honor to serve as your mayor.

God Bless You All! And God Bless our great city!

MAYOR, Tonya Hoeffel

The chief elected official of Garrett is the mayor. The mayor is responsible for the overall operation of the City government.

Tonya Hoeffel serves as Mayor of Garrett.  Her term began January 1, 2012 and ends December 31, 2015.  State law requires a mayor to reside within the City. There are no limits on the number of terms a mayor may serve.

The Mayor appoints some or all of the members of the following: Board of Works, Board of Zoning Appeals, Economic Development Commission, the Housing Authority, the Park Authority, the Plan Commission and the Redevelopment Commission.

The Mayor also appoints the City Attorney, Planning Director, Civil Defense Director, Police Chief, Street Superintendent and the Utility Superintendent, and hires other City personnel. 

Mayor Hoeffel may also perform wedding ceremonies, works closely with the clerk-treasurer, city departments, DeKalb County Economic Development Partnership, The Garrett Chamber of Commerce, and supports our local civic and community organizations.

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