MAYOR, Todd Fiandt

The chief elected official of Garrett is the mayor. The mayor is responsible for the overall operation of the City government.

Todd Fiandt serves as Mayor of Garrett.  His term began January 1, 2016 and ends December 31, 2019.  State law requires a mayor to reside within the City. There are no limits on the number of terms a mayor may serve.

The Mayor appoints some or all of the members of the following: Board of Works, Board of Zoning Appeals, Economic Development Commission, the Housing Authority, the Park Authority, the Plan Commission and the Redevelopment Commission.

The Mayor also appoints the City Attorney, Planning Director, Civil Defense Director, Police Chief, Street Superintendent and the Utility Superintendent, and hires other City personnel. 

Mayor Fiandt works closely with the clerk-treasurer, city departments, DeKalb County Economic Development Partnership, The Garrett Chamber of Commerce, and supports our local civic and community organizations.

Administrative Assistant, Sue VandeZande 260.357.3836 ext. 3002



City Hall  
Downtown Garrett
130 S. Randolph St.

Mayors Office
Phone: 260.357.3836   
ext. 3001
Fax: 260.357.3200